Copag 1546 Red & Blue - Super Index - Bridge


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Product Overview

COPAG 1546 Red / Blue - Super Index - Bridge

  • COPAG 2 deck set
  • 100% plastic playing cards
  • Design: 1546
  • Back: Red / Blue
  • Size: Bridge (2.25" X 3.5")
  • Index (Pip Size): Super Index
  • Includes Hard Plastic Storage Case

Copag's flagship 2-deck Red / Blue set. These plastic playing cards were brought out to rival the Kem brand. This set of plastic playing cards is used in many poker rooms across the world.
Copag Cards are the official cards of the World Series of Poker Tour.
Most Poker rooms use this size card because it fits the hands of the dealer better. Casinos may use plastic coated cards for their other games,
for the poker rooms the solid plastic playing cards provide a cost saving durable alternative.
Bridge size cards: 2.25" X 3.5"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review